A compassionate act towards animals

Compassion has no bounds. It extends everywhere and is ready to embrace everyone. Look out if you can see anyone needing a drop from an ocean that each one of us is capable of extending!

31st Dec 2017- A surprise was waiting for me at home. I had just come back from my morning walk that I noticed a new life waiting to get embraced just at my doorstep. There were seven puppies in my garden. A stray dog of my community had delivered beautiful babies. I was exhilarated and excited and at the same time worried. How will I take care of such tender babies as well as their mother who looked equally in need of attention! What if I am not seen as receptive and caring enough by the mother dog to let me tender her babies. What if I am not able to save any one of them? What should be done first? There were so many questions. Setting aside all my apprehensions and gathering enough strength from all corners of my heart; and with hesitation,  I extended a helping hand.

To my surprise and relief, the mother was loving and friendly to allow her puppies to be fed and tendered. She showed openness and was completely receptive to me tending to her babies. To see her being friendly, I was all determined to take good care of all of them.  Feeding periodic nutritious food, making the pups feel warm within blankets and setting up a temporary abode for them. It all seemed like having new family members. Soon the word spread and people in my condominium started congratulating me. Neighborhood kids started coming to see puppies but mother dog didn’t allow anyone else to touch puppies except me.

A month later – All the puppies were safe and in good health. They used to move around and play. I had a new task in hand now. To find families for them.To ensure that my new family members get relocated warmly, I uploaded their pictures on Facebook and various whastapp groups starting the discussion threads around my story of having found them and taking care of them.  My efforts bore fruit as all of them got nice homes with caring families. Within two months or so, all the seven puppies got adopted by loving families.

The task was not yet finished.  I wanted to get the mother dog neutered. Also I had a plan to take care of other stray dogs which never got love and compassion from the people. Gathering all my resources of energy and enthusiasm, I opened discussion with the condominium authorities to get all the stray dogs around neutered. As it is rightly said, where there is will, there is a way. Like minded people joined hands, funds were raised and efforts streamlined and we got all the dogs neutered and vaccinated along with the mother dog who had delivered babies in my garden.

Three months later – The mother dog whom I named Sweetie also got adopted by a family in our community. It is so heartening  to see her roaming around with pride in the community without being shooed away. It feels so nice and warm to think about the whole experience as to how a very basic human value Compassion took care of so many lives!

Often people are harsh and devoid of any compassion towards stray animals. Either contempt or indifference is what is offered to these animals. However a small act of compassion can change their lives and in effect make us also more receptive as a community towards them. Lets give it a try once!