With your wonderful support and initiative, since March 2018, we have been able to accomplish the following. This is a lot of good work and I congratulate you for being key contributors to shaping the story of the Charter for Compassion in India. We will be adding updates from Arun as well but wanted to complete ours first:

Women Empowerment

  1. a) Women’s Day event on 8-March 2018, called ‘Zemyna’ to bring together organisations focused on women and planet focused initiatives
  2. b) Happiness Circles for Women (elderly and middle aged women) held weekly including contemplative practices like meditation (see our video below):
  3. c) Mindfulness session conducted as a part of the weekly Happiness Circles in Mumbai


  1. a) Launch of Compassionate Schools Network Initiative – extensive work including workshops done with the DLF Public School in Ghaziabad and introductory workshops in various schools in Delhi NCR and Mumbai as well
  2. b) Collaboration for Compassion International conference at MRA Center in Panchgani, Pune (Dialog on zoom facilitated between schools in Pakistan and India)
  3. c) Participation in the HH Dalai Lama’s Social Emotional Ethical Curriculum for Schools (deployment capacity for schools globally)
  4. d) Participation in the CIT (Compassionate Integrity Training) which we are able to deliver via our certified faculty (with facilitation and coaching background)
  5. e) Facilitated workshop for the teachers at the underprivileged school – Hridya Ka Ujala, Rangpuri, South Delhi in March this year with a focus on capacity building.
  6. f) Collaborated with Children’s newspaper News Shuttle to contribute articles/pieces on compassion. Brought DLF Public school on board to participate in the initiative.


  1. a) Forest Walks organised at SGNP in Mumbai in association with Healing Forests and Tao of Forests
  2. b) Pure Living event organised in collaboration with GREW (Green World) with a film screening ‘HEAL’ encouraging participants to exchange items and to share life experiences to foster a sense of community in Mumbai
  3. c) Vegan Cooking event in Mumbai
  4. d) Sessions on Naturopathy, veganism and kitchen gardening as a part of Happiness Circles
  5. e) Nature walk for children on World Environment Day at Mumbai
  6. f) Earth Art event on Children’s Day in Delhi NCR in collaboration with Green Dream Foundation

Compassionate Cities Initiatives

  1. a) Food Donation drive for children in Bengaluru
  2. b) Poorna Pune Compassionate City intiative to promote organic farming and other initiatives
  3. c) Compassionate Ghaziabad launch by the DLF Public School
  4. d) Children’s Day event at Mumbai on ‘Compassion for our Planet’

Public Events and Media Mention

  1. a) 21-day online kindness challenge
  2. b) International Yoga Day Webinar with actor Anu Aggarwal
  3. c) ‘Compassion: A Revolutionary Ethic’ event organised at SOIL (School of Inspired Leadership), Gurugram (May 2019)
  4. d) Participation at the Women’s Economic Forum, Delhi (May 2019)
  5. e) Workshop Presentation at the Climate Change and Consciousness Conference at Findhorn, Scotland (April 2019)
  6. f) Workshop Presentation at the Mind and Life’s Summer Research Institute in NY (June 2019)
  7. g) Awareness on Climate Change talks at Xavier College, Mumbai; Online Webinar with the Taj Group of Hotels

Upcoming Events

  1. a) Upcoming paper presentation on ‘Happiness Circles’ at IIMB
  2. b) Compassionate Gurugram Event at MDI, Gurugram
  3. c) ‘Writing for Change’ residential writer’s retreat at Sikkim
  4. d) Compassion Tree project for afforestation (in collaboration with the global team)
  5. e) ‘Compassion in Education’ meet in NCR to share the HH Dalai Lama’s SEE Curriculum

India Partners

  1. a) Pragati Foundation
  2. b) Anu Aggarwal Foundation
  3. c) DLF Public School
  4. d) SOIL (School of Inspired Leadership)…and growing

Our websites are being updated but sharing the links here for your reference: (Global Website) (India website) (Our registered NGO in India, official partner with the Charter for Compassion)