Compassion –  Revisiting a Revolutionary Ethic workshop at SOIL,Gurugram

Zemyna Foundation, in partnership with SOIL along with Charter for Compassion India team, organized Compassion – Revisiting a revolutionary Ethic workshop on April 11, 2019, at SOIL, School of Inspired Leadership, Gurugram. The session which was curated and put together by Ms Nnaumrata Arora Singh and Ms Rakhee Sharma. This first public event of Charter for Compassion, India team brought representatives from corporates, NGOs, educational institutes and professionals at one platform as they brainstormed about using compassion as a tool for solving many a problems that exist times today. The workshop was also strategically planned to coincide with Ms Marilyn Turkovich’s (Executive Director, Charter for Compassion) visit to India so that the participants can learn from her rich experience, wisdom, and expertise.


Around 30 participants, including representation from various organizations, non-profits as well as students and faculty of SOIL, attended the workshop. 


Introductions and Ms Turkovich’s presentation

The program kicked off with a lovely welcome note by Ms Rakhee Sharma. She invited Mr Anil Sachdeva, Founder of SOIL, to share his association and journey with the Charter as well as the vision behind the institute. Ms Turkovich shared how Charter members across the world were uniting to bring change in their communities. She briefed the group about the history of Charter,  inspiring examples of women joining hands and working for the cause of compassion from across the world as well as the programs of various projects run in different compassionate cities.

Charter for Compassion, India Projects

Ms Rakhee Sharma briefed the audience about the various projects of Charter team in India across cities. The critical projects included “Happiness Circles” led by Nnaumrata in Mumbai, “Kindness challenge” (pan-India) and “Food Donation drive” (in Bangalore) done by Deepika Ahuja as well as the first Compassionate city project in India “Poorna Pune” by Arun Wakhloo in the city of Pune.

Ms Anjali Sharma briefed about “Stars of compassion” and “Compassionate cities” programs at DLF Public school Ghaziabad as well as the recent launch of the“Compassionate Ghaziabad” initiative. She also shared insights about the capacity building workshop for the teachers at the “Hridya Ka Ujala” slum school in Mahipalpur, New Delhi.  These projects are being taken care of by Rakhee and Anjali in Delhi-NCR.

It was heartening to see the interest and involvement of the group in some of the projects, especially the Happiness Circles and the initiatives done at the DLF Public School by the team. Many participants were keen to start similar circles in their communities and amongst friends.

Compassionate Tools/Practices and Brainstorming

The session post lunch involved Ms Marilyn talking about various compassionate tools and practices with the group. An impactful exercise included pairing two strangers together and having each talk about what makes them who they are while their partners listened in silence and waited for their turn to do the same. This activity garnered connection and empathy among the participants as they made an effort to relate to the story of their partners. The group divided into smaller subgroups wherein the participants shared stories about their backgrounds and experiences,  common problems they witnessed as individuals, part of corporates as well as other organizations and what could be some ethical and compassionate ways to resolve them.


All workshop participants received e-certificates of completion signed by Ms Turkovich, acknowledging their participation in the day-long workshop.

Plan ahead

As a follow up to the workshop,  Charter for Compassion, India team shall be reaching out to the participants to discuss various ways to collaborate and increase the circle of compassion further in India.

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Compassionate Ghaziabad “Baithak” at DLF Public School, Ghaziabad

The collaboration between Charter for Compassion, India team and the DLF Public School, Ghaziabad started last year in 2018. In October and December 2018, Rakhee Sharma and Anjali G Sharma facilitated “Stars of Compassion” and “Compassionate Cities” programs at the school. The circle of compassion, which started with a select group of students called the champions of compassion, and school counsellors expanded when the school alumni also got involved. At the Alumni meet 2018, Nnaumrata Arora Singh facilitated a deep dive session with the alumni to brainstorm and firm up a few ideas about critical projects envisaged to become a part of Compassionate Ghaziabad initiative. The Compassionate Ghaziabad Facebook page, along with the mascot, was launched on the same day.


On April 9th, 2019 DLF Public School formally kicked off the “Compassionate Ghaziabad“initiative. With it, the school brought all the stakeholders, i.e. students, teachers, alumni, heads of other schools, parents, local NGO and administrative representation,  RWA (Resident Welfare Association) at the same platform wherein they were apprised of the various projects that the school will be spearheading under the “Compassionate Ghaziabad” initiative.  This initiative is a significant step in expanding the circle of compassion from the school and its alumni to various schools and the city of Ghaziabad. Based on the discussions during the event, Charter member Ms Chitra Chadrasekhar did graphic facilitation of the event.


  • DLF Public School team –

Ms Seema Jerath (Principal), Ms Mrignayni, (Executive Director), Dr Himani Tyagi (Senior school coordinator and Youth Coach), Dr Udita Tyagi (Member – BJP, President -My clean India project and NGO csDishaa), school counsellors, students and Alumni.

  • Heads of other Ghaziabad schools, representatives from RWA and parents.
  • Charter for Compassion members –

Ms Marilyn Turkovich, Executive Director, Charter for Compassion Ms Rakhee Sharma, Ms Anjali Sharma, Ms Anum Mulla and Ms Chitra Chandrashekhar from the Charter for Compassion India

Compassionate Ghaziabad Projects

Below are the four projects identified as part of Phase 1 of the Compassionate Ghaziabad project. These projects have been selected after a meticulous process which involved several months of brainstorming, research and meetings with the alumni, students and parents. Ms Himani led these initiatives along with school counsellors and Mrs Seema Jerath, who ensured that enough thought is applied before the projects are selected.

  • Walkable Ghaziabad – To make the city of Ghaziabad walk-able and pedestrian friendly one step at a time, i.e. neighbourhood by neighbourhood.
  • Annadaan – To ensure that no one remains hungry within 1 km of the school’s radius. This project shall be implemented in collaboration with non-profit organizations like Happy Fridges, who will be installing Community fridges outside the school.
  • Dhyanathon – To inculcate the practice of meditation as a spirit of the city to combat issues like increasing crime and aggression through Dhyan/meditation. The first of the many planned programs under this took place on April 13th and 14th in the school premises.
  • Water conservation – To work on the extreme water crisis that the city of Ghaziabad faces using various sensitization methods like street plays and talks. The students also brought alive the issues and apathy through an incredibly impactful street play which they plan to use as a tool to increase awareness and sensitize various stakeholders.

Ms Turkovich’s feedback about the initiative

Ms Turkovichshared her valuable insights and feedback on the above projects. She also shared what other compassionate cities around the world were doing as part of the initiative. Appreciating the ideas as well as the enthusiasm of the school and its students, Ms Marilyn suggested various ways to create more impact and offered Charter’s full support to the program. She was very keen to share the efforts that “Happy Fridges” was doing with the various circles of the Charter for Compassion.

Next steps

The school plans to work closely with the alumni, students as well as other stakeholders to ensure smooth execution of the above projects. It is also aimed to keep increasing the circle of compassion and bring more people and projects under the umbrella of “Compassionate Ghaziabad” initiative.

The Charter members will work closely with the school for the required help and continuous mentoring.

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